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Navigator Aviation & Tourism Man

Navigator Aviation and Tourism Management was formed in 2008. Our aim is to provide outsourcing and representation services to the Aviation and Tourism Industry. Since our inception nearly 10 years ago we have been contracted by many blue chip companies such as Norwegian Airlines, British Airways, Aer Lingus, TUI Group, La Compagnie, Eurostar Trains, Easirent low cost car rental, Wyndham Hotel Group and many others. We specialise in managing Operation Control Centers, Call centers for direct customers and Travel agents, Baggage claims and tracing (lost and damaged), Customer Relations, ARC-Airlines Reporting Corporation, debit and credit memo management. In addition we have a sales division where we have also undertaken extensive work in the USA covering Corporate and Leisure sales for many companies. Navigator also offers training and consultancy services to the industry as well as recruitment services. We have over 40 staff working out of our New York and Fort Lauderdale offices. Our aim is to be a safe pair of hands to overseas and even US companies looking for a reliable partner. Althought the USA is a big market it is also very mature and relationships are very entrenched, there are barriers to entry that we can help to overcome. Our owners and employees come from the Aviation and Tourism industries and have extensive knowledge of working with many cultures from all over the world namley:- Europe, Middle East, Asia, India Sub Continent, Africa, Central and South America and North America. As our name implies we help Navigate the US market with its cultures, laws and idiosyncrasies.

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